The first only critical guide to mechanical watches
TWE's Guide

TWE’s Guide presents the first and most comprehensive choice of actually available mechanical watches duly analyzed, rated, commented (pros & cons) and presented with a lot of pictures, videos, public price and main technical data; together with a clear critical presentation of the brand each one belongs to. Only watches that obtained 50/100 are presented in our guide. Any watch complying with this covenant will qualify to be included in TWE’s Guide.

TWE's guide is available in English and Chinese, coming soon in Spanish, Japanese and French.

TWE’s guide is published in two formats: the digital edition and the paper guide.

The digital edition
Available as an application for iPad, iPhone and tablets and smartphones using Android, the digital edition is updated continuously with novelties and new brands presented in the course of the following 12 months. After this period, a new application will be presented and updates will only be published in this application. TWE’s first guide is the 2011 Guide and was launched in May 2011.

The paper guide
The paper guide, named "TWE’s 888, the best of the best", presents the 888 best watches of the selection presented in our applications. This guide is annual and will be first published in 2013. TWE’s 888 will present the brands and the persons behind the brands more in depth.

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