The first only critical guide to mechanical watches
Our Philosophy

We are an independent company whose goal is to publish a guide to the best mechanical watches in the world. We have established clear guidelines for the watch enthusiast to help him or her make a decision. Our rating is based on transparency and respect, both in terms of the brands and of the people who work in this marvelous industry, but also in terms of our personal approach to haute horlogerie (luxury watches and watch-making).

We have chosen to base our ratings on facts and not on personal taste. Of course, we are giving our personal opinion on the facts specified. At the same time, we are very clear about the fact that we are publishing this guide for the watch enthusiast, not to please the industry or any brand in particular.

To establish our credibility and to avoid being tempted to change our opinion of a watch or brand, we have decided to not include any kind of advertising from the watch industry and/or any related company.

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